Welcome to my page!

My name is Travis Jantzer

(Pronounced Yawn-sir, my ancestors immigrated to the U.S. from Germany some hundred years ago).

My wife and I got married in November of 2017, we had our first child in April of 2019.

My wife and I post a Vlog to my youtube channel about every three weeks for what I like to consider our live action photo album. We play Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball, we rock climb in our local gym a lot, and we love taking road trips.

I self published a sci-fi novel in 2017 that sold basically no copies, but I enjoyed writing it. The people who did buy it loved it but because I self published and did a poor job with promotion, nobody seems to know it exists..

I love writing poetry, and short stories. Most of my poems get posted on here so browse all you want.

My wife Cassie and I love our girl Hazel. It is our dream to own a small piece of property with (at least) 3-4 kids of our own, and adopt two young kids who need a home. We’ll have two dogs and a cat with a chicken coop. Big swing sets, a tree house, and maybe a pool. Call us cliche.

Cassie loves to garden, I like to landscape. We’re quite the pair.

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Find me everywhere with the username TJantzer



The stømach in my brain
Thrøws up øn tø the page.



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