[Vlog] The Birthday Trip for my Wife: Success!

My wife turned 20 last week! It was the first birthday since getting married so I wanted it to be super special. I spent 3 months planning a trip to Portland (4.5 hour drive) for a concert and rock climbing. I got our favorite friends to buy tickets and come along! It was so much fun. Cassie got to crowd surf!


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[Vlog] Road-trip Along the Northern California Coastline

My Dad was set to run in the Trinidad to Clam Beach run in California on Saturday. Cassie and I went to watch and made a road trip out of it. We drove down Friday night and slept just outside Crescent City where we had breakfast the next day. Then we met up with my parents in Trinidad for the Race. We finished out the day at a Rock Gym in Arcata.. Made it home Saturday night. Success!


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