Mother’s Day 2017

It’s been said ‘third time’s a charm’

 But 4 can’t do you harm; Right? 

Now with 3 out the door and 1 soon to go,

We need to say this more, because we want you to know:
We all love you, and you’ll always be our Mom,

So in that sense, you can do no wrong. 

But it’s hard to show appreciation when it’s all abbreviation.

You’re the best mom in the nation.

In the world. 

But all rhymes aside, 

You made life 4 times a ride,

Through thick and thin, and love and sin,

In you we all confide. 

We think more of you, than we’re able to show,

And with your help we’ve learned to grow,

But we’re great with commotion, and bad with emotion

So we wanna be sure you know. 

While we’re sure to make more mess, like we’re destined to do,

We pray again for God to Bless every little thing about You. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 

“My Mom”

Below, is a poem I wrote in May, 2006 – typo’s and all.

Ten years ago. I was Twelve.


‘When im soked she has  a towel,

When im broke she gives me money.

She cheers me up when im sad

And solves my problems when im mad. 

Evan when I am late,

she still thinks that I am great.’

Still, the realest poem I’ve ever written. Love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day ❤