I Married my Best Friend

My wife has been super supportive since I told her I wanted to upload one video every week to my Youtube channel. She knows how much time it takes to film and edit alongside my full time job and a 9 month old child at home but She is seriously the best.

Last night I got home from work at 4:00pm and proceeded to edit my video from more than 5 hours. I only stopped to help with the baby, eat dinner, and put the baby to bed (I’m trying to do my part) but my wife with a baby in hand made homemade hamburgers from scratch, both the patties and the buns. Served them in front of an episode of Community (one of my top 5 favorite shows), and then let me go back to editing.

She then went and made chocolate chip brownies (also from scratch) and sat down beside me at our extra wide desk for the both of us. Looking over my shoulder she expressed how much she loved my videos, quietly put Falling in Reverse (one of my top 5 favorite bands) on shuffle, and opened up my laptop. Sitting beside me she played some League of Legends (one of my top 5 favorite video games).

I finished my video and ate a brownie while it exported and watched my wife finish her last game of the evening. She was eager to watch my newest vlog the moment it was done, and claims it’s my best one yet. I had her help me pick the thumbnail.

It’s days like yesterday that don’t have photos taken, or vlogs made, but they’re sometimes the one’s I cherish most. So I’m writing this to remember.

You can read my blog posts from 3 years ago. I never dreamed I’d be where I am today, and I couldn’t be happier.

Seriously CJ, I love you so much.

Kitchen Shelves

So, a little DIY project 🙂

Our kitchen stove has no countertop on either side. Ever since my wife and I moved in we’ve been wanting to fill the area. Its really difficult cooking when you have nowhere to set dishes or ingredients or anything beside the stove. The kitchen isn’t that big to begin with, it’s even smaller when only one side has counter space.

If you watched my last Vlog you know I had my little brother-in-laws over to help pull nails and disassemble pallets (Thanks again guys!), so I had some new (actually really old) lumber and nails to use. When I got off work early today I had time to build my Wife this addition to our kitchen. Photos below.




I already had some wood Glue and Spray Paint, and as I said the nails and lumber were free! Cooking just became a lot easier. Or at least that much more convenient.