Kitchen Shelves

So, a little DIY project 🙂

Our kitchen stove has no countertop on either side. Ever since my wife and I moved in we’ve been wanting to fill the area. Its really difficult cooking when you have nowhere to set dishes or ingredients or anything beside the stove. The kitchen isn’t that big to begin with, it’s even smaller when only one side has counter space.

If you watched my last Vlog you know I had my little brother-in-laws over to help pull nails and disassemble pallets (Thanks again guys!), so I had some new (actually really old) lumber and nails to use. When I got off work early today I had time to build my Wife this addition to our kitchen. Photos below.




I already had some wood Glue and Spray Paint, and as I said the nails and lumber were free! Cooking just became a lot easier. Or at least that much more convenient.

Felicity – Out Now

Book Front

I worked on this book for 3 years and have finally finished it. No editor, no agent, just me.

I self published through

Its a quick 250 page sci-fi about a young boy from the slave race beneath a floating Utopian city.

It’s an allegorical tale full of suspense and cliff hangers, action, mystery, and a little bit of romance.

I poured my heart and soul into this book and it may very well be one of the best books ever written. In my completely biased opinion.

This book will make you ponder what it means to be truly happy, and will challenge you to rethink what you’ve been taught, and re-evaluate everything you believe.

Find Joy through Hardship, find Life through days not worth living.

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