I Married my Best Friend

My wife has been super supportive since I told her I wanted to upload one video every week to my Youtube channel. She knows how much time it takes to film and edit alongside my full time job and a 9 month old child at home but She is seriously the best.

Last night I got home from work at 4:00pm and proceeded to edit my video from more than 5 hours. I only stopped to help with the baby, eat dinner, and put the baby to bed (I’m trying to do my part) but my wife with a baby in hand made homemade hamburgers from scratch, both the patties and the buns. Served them in front of an episode of Community (one of my top 5 favorite shows), and then let me go back to editing.

She then went and made chocolate chip brownies (also from scratch) and sat down beside me at our extra wide desk for the both of us. Looking over my shoulder she expressed how much she loved my videos, quietly put Falling in Reverse (one of my top 5 favorite bands) on shuffle, and opened up my laptop. Sitting beside me she played some League of Legends (one of my top 5 favorite video games).

I finished my video and ate a brownie while it exported and watched my wife finish her last game of the evening. She was eager to watch my newest vlog the moment it was done, and claims it’s my best one yet. I had her help me pick the thumbnail.

It’s days like yesterday that don’t have photos taken, or vlogs made, but they’re sometimes the one’s I cherish most. So I’m writing this to remember.

You can read my blog posts from 3 years ago. I never dreamed I’d be where I am today, and I couldn’t be happier.

Seriously CJ, I love you so much.

[Vlog] Road-trip Along the Northern California Coastline

My Dad was set to run in the Trinidad to Clam Beach run in California on Saturday. Cassie and I went to watch and made a road trip out of it. We drove down Friday night and slept just outside Crescent City where we had breakfast the next day. Then we met up with my parents in Trinidad for the Race. We finished out the day at a Rock Gym in Arcata.. Made it home Saturday night. Success!


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I Can’t

If I can’t write you something deep and show you what is right,

How am I to be there when you fall?

If I can’t speak a work, and keep you up at night,

Should I be writing you at all?


I want to blow your mind.

Or somehow slow down time.

Point a pen in your direction and make you think your brain is mine.


 But I can’t.


 I’m missing that spark, that pop star flare.

That light in the dark to make you stare.

I’m just me.


I’ll never have the look, that award show given face.

Like a plot hole in a book I’m out of place.

I’m just me.


And I can’t.


I want to write a page of history,

Be a chapter all alone.

Your favorite part of this story,

Bring in ratings on my own.


But I won’t.

Because you don’t know who I am.


I’m just me.


And I can’t.

2017 Recap

January 1, 2018…


Here’s to end of the greatest year of my Life.

It didn’t really hit me until late last night. We went to Cassie’s parents house at 9:30pm to hang out for New Years.

Steve was trying extra hard to just be a cool father-in-law. I about bit my tongue when I told him Cassie and I had nowhere else to be, that we could hang out till midnight. But seemed really happy to hear it, and recruited Alex and I to take a guys trip to get firewood. We jumped in the 15 passenger van they call “Beast”, and went across town to pick up some scrap pallets. It was super low key. I finally felt like they actually wanted me there. They weren’t trying to passively scare me away.


Back at the house we sat around a fire outback cracking dumb jokes, roasting marshmallows, listening to music and distant fireworks. Midnight approached and Tami insisted the married couples all kiss, so the twins did a countdown and Cassie gave me a quick peck. My only thought was like “oh.. We’re allowed to do this now..”

It hit me last night, and this morning. I just closed out the best year of my life at my In-laws house. It’s a new year.


I didn’t write nearly as much as I would have liked this year.. So I’ll have to just run through some highlights.




The most productive, the most exciting, the most complete year of my life.


In no particular order:


I got married.

Moved into what is basically my first ‘real’ apartment.

Went to Texas, twice.

Went to several concerts.

Published my first novel and a book of poems.

Started two new books.


Broke my toe.

Played in a competitive frisbee league.

Got really good at rock climbing.

Built my own rock wall.

Grew a lot closer to my own family.

Had gifts to give on Christmas.

Learned I have the best group of friends I could have ever asked for.

Core, Zech, Phil, Manny, My Brothers.


Kevin remodelled half his house.

Dani might work for Dutch Bros. HQ.

Elliott is a Cop.

Bethany already has character.

Cassie is the best Medical Assistant, ever.

I got a small raise.


We got a new 4Runner.

A handgun.

Full camping gear.

A great collection of climbing equipment.


The year was not perfect. But I would not ask for it to have been any different.




We slept in today.

I made Cassie Waffles and Coffee and served her in bed. Read a chapter of my Bible. Went for a 28 minute run, while listening to Ben Shapiro and finished it with some pull ups. I did the dishes and am now writing this at just past noon.


This year I have a bunch of cool stuff planned.

Frisbee League. Climbing. Camping. Family trip in January and February. Cassie’s birthday. Volleyball. Shooting. Wild Rogue Relay.


I don’t really do “resolutions” but if I had to set some goals. I want to train again like old times to get in shape for Frisbee and the Relay. I wanna keep climbing through the summer without a broken toe this year. I wanna eat more salad. I wanna drink more water. I wanna read my bible more. I wanna keep up on politics with Ben Shapiro. I wanna publish a few children’s books and work on the other novels.


I want to finish 2018 even closer to Cassie than I already am.


Nothing about 2017 would have been the same, had I broken up with her the year before.

I would have quit climbing. I would have never played frisbee. I would have stopped playing volleyball. I would have not sold my trailer. I would have not gotten an apartment. I would have not eaten salad. I would have not had gifts to give on christmas. Would not have been a good friend for my guys. Would not have made my parents proud. I would have not written half the poetry.


Here’s to Twenty-Seventeen, and the next Seventy Seven Years.


Praise God for pouring out blessings I was far from deserving. I am eternally grateful.