Hire Me


With years of video editing experience and a little passion, I’ve become a freelance Videographer. I have filmed Sporting Events and more recently Weddings.

I would be happy to compose the video for you. My focus* right now is Weddings.


I am asking only $500 for a ceremony. Book your Wedding with me now so I know to save the date.

You will get a 3-6 minute video (dependent on the length of the ceremony) that highlights both the visual beauty and distinct character of your Wedding. I can also include some raw footage of speeches and ceremony as well.

I know Wedding videographers can ask for more than $1,500, sometimes nearing $3,000. My low price at the moment is a reflection of my lack of reputation, and small amount of gear. I am not a well branded company with a large client base to choose from. I also am saving up money for a better camera (I would like to shoot in 4k but atm cannot).  I am a young freelancer with a passion. See my work below. If you like what you see, send me an email. 🙂

Contact: Travis Jantzer, tjantzer@gmail.com

*I am also willing to bring my service to any other event. Sports, Parties, Awards, etc. 

I shoot video with my Canon DSLR and my DJI Spark (drone)