Felicity – Out Now

Book Front

I worked on this book for 3 years and have finally finished it. No editor, no agent, just me.

I self published through Lulu.com.

Its a quick 250 page sci-fi about a young boy from the slave race beneath a floating Utopian city.

It’s an allegorical tale full of suspense and cliff hangers, action, mystery, and a little bit of romance.

I poured my heart and soul into this book and it may very well be one of the best books ever written. In my completely biased opinion.

This book will make you ponder what it means to be truly happy, and will challenge you to rethink what you’ve been taught, and re-evaluate everything you believe.

Find Joy through Hardship, find Life through days not worth living.

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Felicity (book) Update V

Just a blog post with no tags to Timestamp this stage of my writing.

I finished the entire story on May 30th 2016. Last chapter, last word, done.

The book is not complete however, and I have spent the last couple months procrastinating. Kinda. I went back to the beginning, and have been going through, chapter by chapter, editing and proofreading. There are a lot of mistakes littered throughout it. For instance.. I somehow got Its and It’s mixed up.. I’m not sure how, or why. But for all 200 pages, I was using the wrong form of the word Its/It’s .. Along with grammatical errors, and little sentence structure changes I’m making, the book also has some content that needs changing. Nothing big, just simple things to clarify or elaborate on. The wasps for example: I had a friend read it and she said it took her a while to understand what they were exactly. I asked if it was an Intrigue kind of confusion like a lot of the book has, and she said it was not. The writing was just too vague. (my grandmother had said the exact same thing) So I’ve fixed that part. Hopefully certain parts like that are a little more clear. Also since the book was written over a two year period, there are parts that are a little out of sync from beginning to end. I’m just sorta fine tuning everything.

I’m writing this blog post, having edited all of chapter 7 yesterday. I am at the library about to start in on chapter 8. Editing is much easier (or at least faster) than writing. I don’t really have to come up with anything new. I’m not straining to come up with the next line, the next image, the next plot line. Its all there, I just have to tweak it.

That being said.. It’s so boring! Like, I enjoy it.. but it’s really hard to get myself out to work on it. When I was creating fresh content, I would have a thought on my mind, and I would be eager to just dive in and write (not always, but often) .. But Editing, it just feels like reading. I’m slow at reading, and I don’t enjoy reading.. Ironic, yes. I hate reading. Can’t remember the last book I finished. Can’t remember the last book I read more than two chapters of. It was probably in high school, though even then.. that was mostly spark notes [an online book summary website that may or may not still exist.. idk. lol] 

My editing process is a little boring through.. I just slowly, meticulously, read through my book like:   “ok, yup, good, good, tiny mistake, good.. hmm, meh.. (spend 10 minutes rewriting the same sentence a dozen times to make it sound exactly like it does through the painting, scripted on my mind) .. better, i think.. good, good, good, tiny mistake, good, Ok.. one paragraph done. (look at the clock) It’s been 30 minutes.. (get distracted by facebook or my phone)..  crap.. Next!.. ”  And so on..

I told myself last christmas, that I would finish my book by my next birthday, which is coming up this October in like two months. When I gave myself that ultimatum, I was somewhere around chapter 11/12 and I did not think I would get even close.. but I had to try. I finished it by May, with five months to spare. I was impressed with myself. Now I wanna see if I can get it Edited and Perfect by my birthday, which was not apart of the original Goal i set. The original goal was just: Get the Story written. Period. Now it’s written, and I’m thinking.. I could publish this book (or at least have it ready to publish) by my 23rd birthday.

We’ll see..


Ok, now I’m just here stalling because I don’t wanna edit.

Someday I’ll come back here and laugh at myself.

I’m gonna end this blog post here.

Felicity (book) Update II

“You’re annoyed if you can’t live a certain way on any given day,

while I’m just happy to be alive. Take a deep breath”.

– Artavious, Chapter 11

Ok, so it’s been over a month since I worked on my book, but I finished chapter 11, and right after I post this Blog Update, I will begin chapter 12.

A friend asked if I had this book all planned out in my head, or if i was making it up as I go.. I answered, Yes.

I have it started, and I have an endgame. I know the main story idea, and I know how it ends. The problem I run into though, is the mass amounts of plot holes littered throughout.

I have ABC, and I know what LMNOP looks like, and I’ve got plans for XYZ … But everything else in between. Ghaa... It all needs to tie together and flow smoothly. I can’t start and end my book with an english alphabet, and have random numbers and greek symbols mixed in between. Nobody would understand what any of it means.

Thats why it has been a month+ since I wrote.

Slowly but surely, I’m moving right along 🙂

Felicity (Book) Update

  1. intense happiness.
  2. the ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts.

The name of the Book, is the name of the City where the book takes place.

In the book, Felicity is Felicity(1)

For me, Felicity is Felicity(2)


It’s Sunday Afternoon. I’m at the Medford Library. I just Wrote 900 words in middle of Chapter 11 of my Fantasy Novel I refer to as Felicity.

Today my characters are sneaking through the night to try and access the head of the city. Artavious is learning about the two people he’s just met.

It is difficult, to portray morals. I have two point of views. The self serving corrupt city, and the high integrity Artavious from the surface. I’m finding it difficult to express how something is wrong, just by telling a story. When this book comes to an end, I will not be able to reach into the mind of the reader and say “I agree with this statement.. not that one”.. I need to use my characters, to portray multiple sides of an issue, and through their actions, explain which way I think it should be.

Please use discretion when you’re messing with the message man
These lyrics aren’t for everyone
Only few understand


It is difficult.

I feel like I’m speaking in one giant parable. Which is cool.. if I successfully pull it off. We shall see.

Either way, today is a good day in the book.

900 words, about 2 pages. Nearing the end of chapter 11.

My favorite passage from today’s writing:

“Love yourself. Love life”.

Aelexander uttered under his breath, begrudgingly. Aelexander did not love himself, and was unsure about life. He would never have admitted that to anyone. There was very little Aelexander loved. What he loved, and who he loved, was felt very deeply. He struggled to express himself, but Aelexander loved very little about his life, very much. It was the minority in his life, which kept him from ever complaining, but Aelexander loved, richly.