Contentment is Learned

Life is as good as you make it.

But those who have it better than us fake it.

Because, good is a matter of perspective.

My life and yours are not respective.

Life is a series of decisions.

But most of us have different visions.

Because choices change by the seasons,

My life and yours are for different reasons.

So don’t get your hopes up, but keep contentment ready.

So when someone cuts your ropes up, your mast can hang in steady.

We’re all just lost at sea, where some of us float better than the rest.

But learning to swim is free, so kick your feet and paddle your best.

Snow Camping!

Cassie and I have been talking about going camping for a while now, but Its been cold, and rainy, and we’ve been busy… But last night with a free weekend ahead of us we decided after sundown to jump in my Subaru and go spend the night outside. It was actually so great!

My parents own 40 acres of nothing only 40 minutes from home, outside Shady Cove (a small redneck town where nothing happens). Through a decade of birthdays and Christmas days I’ve accumulated a good amount of minimalist camping gear that goes mostly unused. Until last night.

I didn’t make a video, because it was cold, and we were out there for less than 12 hours, but it was a great night.

We pitched our tent between my car and a big oak tree, and made a fire within eyesight of the pond that lines one corner of the property. Laying in our zero-degree sleeping bag that night it began to snow and we could hear geese in the distance around the pond, while the fire bounced flickering light off one side of the tent beneath that hundred year old oak tree.

In the morning we woke to an inch of snow and I remade the fire while Cass made coffee and oatmeal. We went for a short walk down to the pond before packing everything up to head home.

It was great to just get outside for a night, sit next to a fire in the forest, and cuddle warm under a blanket of snow.



Late Winter

All season long its been nothing but rain.

Some warmer sunny days blended in with sporadic rainfall.

Until this week.


Ironically we went to Bend.. It was raining their too.

Sunday when we left they got Snow..

That snow came all the way home with us.

It’s been snowing every night this week so the ground was prime.

February 22nd.. We got 3 inches downtown.

Kitchen Shelves

So, a little DIY project 🙂

Our kitchen stove has no countertop on either side. Ever since my wife and I moved in we’ve been wanting to fill the area. Its really difficult cooking when you have nowhere to set dishes or ingredients or anything beside the stove. The kitchen isn’t that big to begin with, it’s even smaller when only one side has counter space.

If you watched my last Vlog you know I had my little brother-in-laws over to help pull nails and disassemble pallets (Thanks again guys!), so I had some new (actually really old) lumber and nails to use. When I got off work early today I had time to build my Wife this addition to our kitchen. Photos below.




I already had some wood Glue and Spray Paint, and as I said the nails and lumber were free! Cooking just became a lot easier. Or at least that much more convenient.

[Vlog] Road-trip Along the Northern California Coastline

My Dad was set to run in the Trinidad to Clam Beach run in California on Saturday. Cassie and I went to watch and made a road trip out of it. We drove down Friday night and slept just outside Crescent City where we had breakfast the next day. Then we met up with my parents in Trinidad for the Race. We finished out the day at a Rock Gym in Arcata.. Made it home Saturday night. Success!


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