500 Subscribers

I set a goal in January to reach 500 subscribers on my Youtube Channel, before the end of the year, and with a little traction I reached that today. June 23rd, 2020. Now I’m wondering if I can reach that first 1000 by the new year.

13 thoughts on “500 Subscribers

      1. What size PVC pipe did you use inside the concrete for the 3’ water feature? Can you describe how you connected the pump and ran the wiring for the pump? Love yours!


  1. 3/4″ pvc. I used some connectors to get the pipe down to 1/2″ and then used one of the fittings that came with the pump. It had several different barb fitting options. As for the wire, I just buried a heavy duty outdoor extension cord and have the connection in a small box where its not easily seen 🙂


    1. Travis,
      Thank You for your quick reply.
      So your pump is connected to the concrete right below your plywood base and is submerged in the water underneath correct?
      About how much water is in your liner underneath?
      I’m considering going with something g besides the pond liner to hold water. Sorry for all the questions. I’m a single mom working on her bkyard.


      1. Yea the pump is about 8 inches below the bottom or the concrete. The plywood base helps balance the concrete but is sitting directly on two cinderblocks that hold most of the weight. The deep part of the liner is about 4’ x 2’ and 1’ deep. But the liner extends about 3 feet in each direction beyond because the water splashes out all sides about 3 feet. If that makes sense.


  2. Ok so your dimensions on your liner depth may change my thoughts on not using a liner. I didn’t realize your water was so deep. How do you keep the rocks on the surface from going down into your water? I couldn’t tell how wide your plywood was. You must have some way for the water to remain deep enough to then get pumped? Sorry for sounding so helpless. Thank You for your patience


    1. You’re not helpless. Helpless people dont know what questions to ask. you’re doing great!
      So yea the plywood almost completely covers the deep section to hold the rock up and leave that void open. That deep section can be as big as you want it to be. it just depends on how much digging you want to do vs. how much you’re willing to refill it. Right now I can leave mine running for like 4 days without adding water and its been 100+ degrees here. Evaporation is inevitable.
      I plan on making another one in my front yard. I’ll try and cover installation of the pump and liner a little better in that video because you’re not the only person asking about it 🙂


  3. I have my form built for the feature. Did you glue your PVC joints together inside of the form before you added your concrete?
    Since water is flowing through it I didn’t know if it was necessary.
    Also, do you have something the pump is in under water or is it just floating in the deepest part Under the structure?
    How did you add the light? Is it in front of the structure embedded in the rock shining on the structure?
    Do I need tubing that is connected to the pump that sucks the water up into the pump?
    Thank You for your help
    I’m going to try to piur the concrete in the next day or so


    1. Nice!
      I did not glue them together. As long as they don’t come apart while you’re pouring, once the concrete hardens they water won’t escape.
      The pump is just floating in the deepest part under the structure.
      The light is embedded in the rock in front of the structure shining on it.
      Pump is only hooked up on the output. No hookup needed for water input.
      You’re welcome! Maybe when it’s done you can upload a video to share. I wanna see it 🙂
      Tip while pouring it, if you tap the edge or the mold while you’re pouring, the concrete will fill in a little easier and you can get rid of bubbles.


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