Come see our new Home!

We’ve gotten a lot of work done and its only been a few weeks 🙂

I’ve gained almost 30 subs this year uploading weekly vlogs!

Here’s the latest:

2 thoughts on “Come see our new Home!

  1. Hi Travis!
    Nice video on the cement water feature. This has inspired me to make one. Can you share what size PVC you used to run the water through? I ordered the same pump as you if that matters for the size of the PVC.
    Also, would you recommend the pond liner or a plastic tote to store the water? Also, do you have any other tutorial for this build?


    1. I used 3/4” pvc but you’ll want a little flex pipe to go over the fitting on the pump. (I probably should have covered how to hook up the pump a little more thorough.) right out of the bottom of the concrete you can put a 90 degree pvc angle and then some 3/4” flex tubing to fit over the fitting on the pump.
      I would definitely recommend a liner because it’s difficult getting a tote big enough though a tote would work.
      I do not have any other tutorials yet but I will eventually. I have plans for more water features when I can find the time to make them 🙂
      Good luck on yours! Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions!


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