This Post Has No Tags

I’m not going to give this post tags or a category, because it’s not a piece of work.

This post is just for me, right now, and maybe for others, later.

That’s ^ cryptic, but I’ll try and briefly explain.

I’m in the editing process of my book. The story is finished, 85,000 words, 200 pages, 25 chapters. Now I’m just proofreading and editing some content. There are some parts that don’t quite line up, or make sense, and some parts just need clarifying. The book is also littered with minor spelling and grammatical errors.

So, I guess this blog post is a time stamp of my efforts right now. Editing for me is easier to do, but harder to get myself to do.. if that makes sense. Like, I don’t really have to create anything, I’m just fixing some mistakes; so in that sense, it’s easier. But since I’m editing a document, and not just letting my imagination roam… It feels like homework.

Not that I was bad at School, or that I’m bad at writing. But sitting down to fix mistakes on a document.. It feels like an essay.

All that being said, I have found ways to entertain myself while I’m writing. I started it back in the first 5 chapters.. And I just added a few more on Saturday.

I’ve been writing in Album Titles.

So the book has hidden (in plain sight) Names of Albums by my Favorite Artists..

Nobody has read my book, except a few friends and family members. So right now, I don’t have a fan base, and theres no telling who will actually read my book, if anyone at all. But a part of me is hoping.. my book sells, and people all over the world read my book. Then when my fanbase is growing and people are talking, and developing theories, and all the rest… The hardcore fans who obsess over my writing, can scour the pages to find all the album title easter eggs. Something tells me we’ll have similar taste in music.

So if by chance, You’re a fan of my book, and You found my blog, and you’re just reading through everything Ive written because you love my work (I can dream.. right?)..

Here.. there are 16 Album titles intentionally hidden in Felicity. Some more obvious than others.

Go find them.

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