Rubiks Cube

Yesterday, sitting with a group of friends, I was handed a Rubiks Cube. Naturally, I asked if they wanted to see me solve it, and I threw the cube up into the air. I caught the jagged box, with colors even on every side, and held it out for them all to see. Ta-dah.

I smiled, as they stared with blank expressions of: You’re an idiot, that wasn’t even funny. 

My joke, lost on them, was silent, until Cassie spoke up.

“Wait… What?”

With the look on Cassie’s face, we all began to laugh. As she grew confused as to why we were all laughing, we all laughed even harder.

“Seriously!.. How did you?.. What?!.”

She took the cube from my laughing hands, as no one could catch their breath to respond. She then proceeded to stare at the cube for a minute.

“Do it again.”

 Cassie mixed it back up for me to solve once more, and handed the cube back to me.

Only then did I reveal the secret to my magic:

The cube had been handed to me.. already solved.

We all conclude: Cassie is blind.



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