Felicity Excerpt II (Ch. 21)


Humans can grow entirely calloused to all of their surroundings. A person by instincts forms a routine. Within that routine, we develop a sense of efficiency and comfort. So long as nothing drastic happens, and our lives do not fall on their faces, we are content in a common routine. We discover within ourselves, what we enjoy, who we appreciate, what we do not prefer, and how experience pain. We hunker down into our homes, and our friends. Our jobs, and our hobbies. We condition ourselves, like fitness training on a much larger scale, to fit into our own lives easily. A routine can evolve, and shift, and we as individuals change; but, our approach to life often does not. So many people do not even attempt anything outside of their routine, because it has not ever crossed their minds. A song is not performed, because it never even crossed the person’s mind, that someone else may want to listen to it. That someone else, may not even know they need to hear the song, until it has been performed for them. They hear it from the stage, or through a decent set of speakers, and then- only then- do they realize: I needed that.

Our tunnel vision keeps us moving in a set direction. Blinders we have set upon our own eyes, keep us from looking around. Imagine if opportunity made a point of slapping you in the face, each and every time it presented itself. If chance, was a person standing in a crowd, calling your name, shouting at your very being; tugging at your clothing to be noticed. That job, that artwork, that journey, that special someone passing by – If only we were not so blind.

How much has been missed? Not just because we do not believe in the possibility of something happening; but because we do not even take the time to look around, to see: is there something else out there I could jump to? The epiphany moment, when you see another person living outside your box, and the interior design of theirs, is so appealing. You think to yourself, why did I not think of that? What in my life drew so much attention of me, that I did not come up with that idea for myself? Their box is so much bigger, so much brighter. So.. Much.. better.

The greats among us have not fallen.  The greats among us have only failed to see, the greatness within themselves, and in not doing so, have not allowed it to manifest into anything tangible. If we could all see the future, we would not be excited of what we have individually become. Instead, we would further envy those around us, and wonder why we had not done it ourselves.

Oh, Future Self. How naive you must have been.

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