Felicity Excerpt (Ch. 17)

**Wasps:  The Humanoid ‘Peace Force’. They have guns (stingers) and metal armor with masks. They also have retractable wing suits that resemble an insects’, so Artavious (who has no real concept of human flight or firearms) calls them Wasps. They’re just Armored Humans. 


Excerpt from Chapter 17:

Artavious encounters a Lab Professor/Doctor, and it’s wasp guardian(s). 

Artavious’ adrenaline shot through the ceiling as he spun around to face the room, and the man therein. Immediately upon seeing the figures before him, Artavious turned to a predator. As though a bear was upon him, Artavious struck the *Wasp across the face with the blade in his hand. Lunging at the wasp with all his might, Artavious found himself on the ground, pounding the dull blade, bent into armor around the wasp’s neck. It did not penetrate. The wasp, shocked to be on its back on the ground, dropped its stinger and gripped the wrist of of the hand Artavious had at its neck. It rolled Artavious to the side, and held him to the ground.


It spoke in a loud rumble.

With no use of his dominant hand Artavious used the momentum of the wasp’s roll to wrap both his legs around the beings upper body. Locking his feet together around its torso, Artavious squeezed life from the peace keeper, and pried at its fingers to free his aching hand. The other man in the room stepped into the fight, to aid his guardian in its’ battle to the death. He was quickly struck across all five fingers on one hand, as Artavious broke his wrist free, and swung with his broken knife at the man’s outreached hand.

Blood covered the ground around them as pieces of metal crumbled to the floor. Artavious wrapped both his free arms around the Wasp’s head and was ready to tear it off, as the injured bleeding man, fell in agony to the debris beside them. Artavious had the arms of the wasp completely immobile with his arms and legs, and its head nearly spun all the way around. With his dominant arm stretched past its chin across its face, Artavious locked his arms together linked, on in the within the elbow of the other.  Arching his back, Artavious heard the metal in the being’s amor crack and bend, as he pried with his arms and legs, the being’s head off.

He was not so successful however. While the wasp in his grasp gargled and sizzled with pain and electricity, two strong hands grasped Artavious around the neck, consequently stopping all air flow to his lungs.




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