Felicity (Book) Update III


“With nothing to be heard, but music in the near distance, and nothing to see but the ground before him, Artavious turned all his focus to the stairs. Approaching them slowly, he looked around one last time, before setting a foot on the first step before him. In a quick spurt of adrenaline, Artavious ran. A fire within him, Artavious bounded up the stairs. He ran through thin air on floating apparatus, to the head, on which he would finally have his chance; to collide with the sky.”


*Collide With The Sky – Pierce The Veil

So, I just finished chapter 14 of my book, Felicity.

Its going quite well. My main character just arrived at what will become the main conflict for the story. The next several chapters will be intense action, and mystery, as Artavious discovers the true nature of this “utopian” city he serves.

On a side note though,

Pierce The Veil! I decided back in like chapter 3, that I wanted to (for no real reason) throw in Album Titles as Easter Eggs in the book. So far I have Owl City, Twenty Øne Piløts, Relient K, Zedd, and now Pierce The Veil albums just sorta name-dropped throughout the book. Like hidden shoutouts to my favorite bands and musicians.

If this book blows up, I want my obsessive fan-base to scour the pages looking for my favorite music.

Along with the album title, I also managed to throw in a short Bible verse. It’s blatantly obvious to someone who knows what their looking at, but it’s not labeled. Its just sorta:

“I read it in a book I found”.. and that book happens to be the Holy Bible 🙂

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