Rags to Riches

Leaving the trail, he removed his shoes and stepped to the waters edge. Resting his weight on the stones behind him, the Man closed his eyes. Cold water surrounded his ankles, nearly knee deep in the flood of the mountain. Cascading through the forest in the spur of the season, the cold, the winter, the day.

An overwhelming peace overtook the Man, as the sun poked through the trees. Water to his waist, and hands at his side, he stood. Rising to his feet, upon shaking ground, the sky split open above him. A voice came down to comfort his soul, as the ground grew distant below him.

Upon all of the earth the Man smiled.  All he left behind, had been blessed by his presence; but it was time for his soul to move on. His body upon the rocks below him, washed by the water, stayed only for the memory to be cherished by all those who still remain.

We all shed tears, as we fall like the water..

But by His smile, we were made glad.

And by his kindness, He will be remembered.


*In Memory of Todd Ragsdale

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