Felicity (book) Update II

“You’re annoyed if you can’t live a certain way on any given day,

while I’m just happy to be alive. Take a deep breath”.

– Artavious, Chapter 11

Ok, so it’s been over a month since I worked on my book, but I finished chapter 11, and right after I post this Blog Update, I will begin chapter 12.

A friend asked if I had this book all planned out in my head, or if i was making it up as I go.. I answered, Yes.

I have it started, and I have an endgame. I know the main story idea, and I know how it ends. The problem I run into though, is the mass amounts of plot holes littered throughout.

I have ABC, and I know what LMNOP looks like, and I’ve got plans for XYZ … But everything else in between. Ghaa... It all needs to tie together and flow smoothly. I can’t start and end my book with an english alphabet, and have random numbers and greek symbols mixed in between. Nobody would understand what any of it means.

Thats why it has been a month+ since I wrote.

Slowly but surely, I’m moving right along 🙂

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