Felicity (Book) Update

  1. intense happiness.
  2. the ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts.

The name of the Book, is the name of the City where the book takes place.

In the book, Felicity is Felicity(1)

For me, Felicity is Felicity(2)


It’s Sunday Afternoon. I’m at the Medford Library. I just Wrote 900 words in middle of Chapter 11 of my Fantasy Novel I refer to as Felicity.

Today my characters are sneaking through the night to try and access the head of the city. Artavious is learning about the two people he’s just met.

It is difficult, to portray morals. I have two point of views. The self serving corrupt city, and the high integrity Artavious from the surface. I’m finding it difficult to express how something is wrong, just by telling a story. When this book comes to an end, I will not be able to reach into the mind of the reader and say “I agree with this statement.. not that one”.. I need to use my characters, to portray multiple sides of an issue, and through their actions, explain which way I think it should be.

Please use discretion when you’re messing with the message man
These lyrics aren’t for everyone
Only few understand


It is difficult.

I feel like I’m speaking in one giant parable. Which is cool.. if I successfully pull it off. We shall see.

Either way, today is a good day in the book.

900 words, about 2 pages. Nearing the end of chapter 11.

My favorite passage from today’s writing:

“Love yourself. Love life”.

Aelexander uttered under his breath, begrudgingly. Aelexander did not love himself, and was unsure about life. He would never have admitted that to anyone. There was very little Aelexander loved. What he loved, and who he loved, was felt very deeply. He struggled to express himself, but Aelexander loved very little about his life, very much. It was the minority in his life, which kept him from ever complaining, but Aelexander loved, richly.


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